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Welcome Dr. Alejandro Shepard & Dr. Rashida Avery

April 28, 2022 4:34 am Published by

Please join us in welcoming Alejandro Shepard, MD, MPH and Rashida Avery, MD, FAAP to our Practice! We are so very excited to have Dr. Shepard and Dr. Avery join (re-join) our awesome clinicial team!  Both Dr. Alejandro Shepard and Dr. Rashida Avery completed their clinicals with Intown Pediatrics and we are very excited to have them back, working with us to care for your children!  Dr. Shepard will practice at the Brookhaven and Glenwood park locations; Dr. Avery will primarily practice at the Glenwood Park location.  Please take a moment to get to know them by reading their bios on the Meet Us page!

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